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3 December 2007: Government Funds First New Migraine Preventative Medicine in Ten Years Click here for more information

2007 Brain Foundation Research Grants

Dr Geoffrey A Lambert from the Department of Neurology, Division of Medicine, University of NSW was one of the 2007 Brain Foundation Research Grant Award winners for his project Investigating the Cause of Migraine.

 In this project we hope to discover the cause of migraine headache. Many “triggers” lead to migraine, but we do not know how. We believe the triggers produce a defect in pain control by the brainstem, which normally keeps sensation from the head below the pain threshold. In migraine, trigger factors originating in the cortex open this "pain control gate", producing a migraine headache. If we can prove this, we can develop therapies that will prevent migraine before it starts.

For details on other 2007 Brain Foundation Research Grant Awards winner see the latest edition of the BRAINwaves newsletter.



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