Following the Today Tonight segment on Channel 7 last week that reported on developments in migraine treatments, Christina Sun-Edelstein, one of our neurologists wrote the following:

“The identification of genetic mutations in migraine families has been crucial to our understanding of the causes of migraine as well as the development of treatments that can target these causes.  Some studies, such as those described in the recent Today Tonight segment, have identified genetic abnormalities that are associated with the reduction of a particular enzyme.  While certain vitamins, such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6, can potentially counteract the effects of this decrease in enzyme activity, further research needs to be done to establish the effect of these vitamins and the dosages that are required.  As yet, there is no known cure for migraine.  However, most migraine sufferers find that their headaches can be reduced to a more manageable level with a combination of medications, alternative treatments (which may include vitamins), and lifestyle modifications such as dietary changes and exercise.”

Christina Sun-Edelstein
US-trained neurologist with subspecialty training in headache