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Volunteers required for research

Thank you for your interest in offering to help advance knowledge about; management of and improved treatments of migraines and chronic headache by volunteering for research projects.

Not enough research is being done into migraines and chronic headache and being able to access sufferers to participate in research is very important.  That is one reason why we have set up the National Headache Register so that all the funds available can go into research rather than meeting the cost of identifying subjects to study.

If you are not on the Headache Register, please do join and ask any other sufferers you know to do so as well. There are additional benefits from being on the register. One of the most important is that you will hear about any new medications or treatments as soon as they become available. Please help us to help you.

(Click here to join our Headache Register.)

Current calls for volunteers:


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1 In Vivo Academy headache survey
2 2014 Intranasal Oxytocin for Chronic Migraine
3 MigrainePal 2013 Study
4 Genomics Research Centre at Griffith University - migraine vitamin clinical trial.
5 Tension-type headache survey at RMIT
6 Persistent Headache Research
7 Tension-type headache study at RMIT