Great News! The iManage Migraine app is now available on both Apple and Android stores. Download it now.



iManageMigraine is a FREE app developed by MSD in partnership with Headache Australia.

How Does it Work?

The diary-style app records migraine severity, triggers, symptoms and management techniques. Unlike a standard paper diary, this information is automatically converted into real-time reports, which can be viewed in the app, or shared via email.

The iManageMigraine app allows you to:

  • track the frequency of your migraines
  • record treatments used
  • be better equipped to discuss your migraine with your doctor
  • better understand your migraine including triggers and symptoms

Why record migraine information?

Research has found that when patients who experienced migraine kept a diary of their migraine experiences, there was improvement in patient-Health Care Professional communication and patient-specific treatment plans.