Call for Research Volunteers – Information

At this stage we can only offer to publicize your research on our website if it relates to our Headache/Migraine community and the research is being undertaken by a recognised Australian institution (eg. university or hospital). We do not have a platform to post calls for volunteers on our Brain Foundation site for other disorders. We can however post your info on our Facebook page.   Just send us a brief paragraph for Facebook, with all relevant links.

We judge each request individually and reserve the right to choose not to publicize your request if we don’t think it is a good fit for our Migraine & Headache Community.

Please provide a 1 page PDF with:

  • Institution logo/s and name (eg. University/department or hospital)
  • Title of study – a title that will appear on our main volunteer page, so make it specific, not just ‘Vestibular Migraine’, for example.
  • Details of study
  • Start and end date (can just be month/year)
  • Volunteer Criteria, such as:
    • Condition (eg. Vestibular Migraine, at least 5 per year)
    • Age range
    • Location (do they need to live nearby?)
  • Participation requirements: this needs to be very specific, eg online only, or travel to research institution 3 times, over 5 weeks, 1 hour each time
  • Does travel get reimbursed?
  • Ethics Committee approval (if applicable)– A sentence something like “This project has been approved by …”
  • Contact info and details: name, email, phone

For inclusion in a regular email to our Headache Register please also provide:

One or two paragraphs with brief outline, plus contact info. We will add a link to the PDF you provide once it is on our site.

Please email PDF plus WORD document with Facebook content.

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