Our response to Covid-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, Migraine & Headache Australia, like all organisations in Australia, is greatly concerned with the impact on all Australians.  Our thoughts are with you all and your families during this difficult time.  
There is a great sense of unease everywhere and we are all facing new challenges.  As we adapt to these unprecedented circumstances, please be assured that we are following the health advice being given by authorities and working from home where possible.  
We are continuing to rely on your donations and are very grateful for your support especially in these circumstances.  Research must continue as without it, there will be no cures.
Please feel free to email us if you have any queries or concerns that we can assist you with at info@brainfoundation.org.au
Stay safe and do look after yourselves and others.  It is during times like these that we can see the best in people, please look out for your loved ones and we can all get through this together.
Headache AustralianMigraine & Headache Australia Australia is the only organization in Australia that aims to support the more than 5 million Australians affected by headache and migraine.