Advocacy Briefing & Toolkit

Advocacy Update

Date Held: 4 October 2023

After the original briefing on 3 August 2023, we held an update on 4 October 2023 to add a pledge for MP’s to sign. Please watch the video for the details and refer to the resources below to help secure your meeting with your MP.

The first briefing was held on 3 August 2023 where we revealed our government affairs and advocacy strategy and discussed the role you could play. This briefing provided a detailed view of our government advocacy efforts and outlines how you can help step by step.

Your Advocacy Toolkit

This includes step-by-step instructions and the below resources. Click on the image to download.


  • Step 1) Scheduling a meeting
  • Step 2) Preparing for your meeting
  • Step 3) Meeting follow ups


Click on the image to download each resource.


Use the following checklist to help organise and plan your meeting with your MP.


We have developed a template meeting request letter for you to e-mail or send to your local MP and/or Senator. On page two is a PLEDGE request. Please print this out, take a copy for your MP to sign and get a photo with your MP with their signature if they agree.


We have developed a template thank you letter for you to e-mail or send your local MP following your meeting with them. Again, feel free to tailor the body of the email to suit your lived experience and your own way of writing.


Download a copy of the slides from the video presentation with step by step tips and how to prepare, what to expect and how to follow up with your MP meeting.


An infographic has been created about the need to address migraine in the workplace, especially for women who are already fighting for equal pay and workplace equity. You may print out this infographic and take it with you to your meeting or refer to it during your conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?

Straight away (October 2023). We would like to get as many meetings conducted in October and November in the lead up to our government budget submission requesting more support for women with migraine at work.


What do I need to know about my MP and Senator? 

Your MP and Senator website and social media channels are also a great way to see what they have been talking about recently.


What if I need to reschedule the meeting? 

If you need to reschedule the meeting, speak with their office early and find a new meeting time that suits you both.


What do I do if my MP or Senator doesn’t want to meet with me? 

MPs and Senators have busy diaries full of local community events, meetings with constituents like yourself, as well as parliamentary responsibilities. If your local MP or Senator is a Minister or Shadow Minister, then they can spend weeks at a time on the road developing policies or speaking with various groups within the sector.

If you do have trouble with meeting with your MP or Senator, reach out to Migraine & Headache Australia and we can work through it with the office directly. Often, it’s an issue of timing.


How do I stay in contact with my local MP or Senator? 

Follow them on their social media handles e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or sign up to their newsletter. They may also signal during the meeting other ways that you can stay in contact as they may want to continue to hear about your experience living with migraine.


For any additional questions or issues, please contact us at info (at) or call us at 1300 886 660.

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