Cefaly device

Nerve stimulator devices for headache.

Headache Australia encourages patients to consider a range of options in partnership with their doctor to determine an appropriate strategy to manage migraine.

Tests so far have found such devices to be safe unless you have certain other medical conditions or implanted devices but no treatment can guarantee results. Please consult your doctor for advice and regard the below promotional marketing material from Cefaly’s website:


“Cefaly is a new, clinically proven treatment option that reduces frequency and intensity of migraine and headaches without the use of medication and with no side effects.

Electrotherapy has been successful in treating migraine and headaches for decades, however machines were bulky and expensive, they could only be used by a health care professional or invasive surgery was required. Cefaly’s technology has successfully found a pain free way to target and excite the trigeminal nerve (which is where migraine/headaches start) in order to increase the trigger threshold for migraine/headache. Cefaly has also helped suffers decrease their oral medications by 75% with an easy to use device.”


For more info visit cefaly.com.au or speak to your doctor.

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