CGRP PBS Submission Update


Migraine & Headache Australia has been supporting the submission of a new class of migraine prevention called the CGRP antibodies since 2018. These treatments involve a monoclonal antibody designed to specifically target molecules released during migraine to help prevent attacks. Without PBS support, the cost of these treatments may be beyond the affordability of many people with migraine. The public and our community have also supported the coverage of these new treatments over several previous submissions.

November 2021 Update: New CGRP submission requested for PBS listing

It has taken some time and effort from everyone involved but today two CGRP medications are listed on the PBS which enables far more affordable access to those who live with chronic migraine.

GALCANEZUMAB also known as Emgality® has been submitted by the manufacturer (Lilly) to expand the eligibility criteria of patients living with migraine from 15+ days of migraine to those with 8+ days of migraine.

This is important because:

1) Recent research suggests that those with high-frequency episodic migraine with 8 to 15 days of migraine per month have more in common (in terms of their disease burden) with chronic migraine than they do with low-frequency episodic migraine (those with 7 days of migraine or less per month).

2) Those with 8-15 days of migraine per month are more at risk of falling into chronic migraine. Managing migraine more effectively in the high-frequency episodic population will prevent more people from developing chronic migraine in the first place.

3) Stopping more people from developing chronic migraine will also reduce the other health conditions that become more common or which may develop alongside chronic migraine such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, obesity, sleep disorders, chronic pain or cardiovascular disease.

Make your submission for PBS

If you used Emgality® also known as Galcanezumab, then your submission can count as powerful evidence of the benefit these treatments can bring to patients and we’d strongly encourage you to make a submission.

Follow our easy, response guide on ‘What should I say in my submission’ below.

Thank you for your advocacy.

What should I say in my submission?

Below are the form questions and response suggestions.

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Medicine Name:  Galcanezumab -Emgality® (select from the drop-down menu). 
Submitted by: Individual (select from the drop-down menu). 
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Declaration of interest:

Please include any declarations you wish to make regarding your PBAC submission. If you have no declarations to make, please respond “nil”.

Consumer input:

Please indicate whether you are a person with this medical condition, a friend or family member, a prescriber, a representative of an organisation or other interested person.

What comments would you like the PBAC to take into account when it considers this submission?

This is where you post your personal experience.

Consider highlighting:

  • How effective has Emgality been? 
    • Before Emgality describes your typical migraine attack including the duration, severity and any additional symptoms such as light sensitivity, nausea or vomiting or sensitivity to sound or movement.
    • After Emaglity how has your typical migraine attack improved?
  • How has Emgality improved your quality of life?
    • Has it enabled you to return to work? Or go from part-time to full-time work?
    • How has it affected your family life? Are you able to better perform your parental responsbilities or roles. 
    • Has it enabled you to take up new hobbies, exercise or other activities
  • How has Emgality helped address any other health issues you may have such as anxiety, stress, depression, sleep etc. 
  • How has Emgality helped relieve the support you require from others around you, for example, significant others, dependents or carers. 
  • Has it helped you reduce your use of acute medications? 

Note that this is not a “test” and all submissions will be reviewed by the committee and are appreciated for their personal and private nature. Be honest, direct, polite and respectful.

How did you learn about this submission process?

Migraine & Headache Australia monitored the submission process and notified the community about this comment period. Migraine & Headache Australia is a division of the Brain Foundation, a registered national Australian charity.


What if I’ve already made a submission, do I need to comment again?

If you have not submitted comments about the results you have experienced while using Emgality, then we would encourage you to make a submission.

The more information received about the positive impact of this new generation treatment the more it will help to create a powerful case for enabling broader access to others who are not yet eligible.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee are required to read every submission and yours will likely include new information about your treatment experience and the impact on your health and quality of life.

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