CGRP Update: February 2019

CGRP Update: February 2019

What should I say on my submission?

Below are the form questions and response suggestions.
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Please include any declarations you wish to make regarding your PBAC submission. If you have no declarations to make, please respond “nil”.

Consumer input:

Please indicate whether you are a person with this medical condition, a friend or family member, a prescriber, a representative of an organisation or other interested person.

What comments would you like the PBAC to take into account when it considers this submission?

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Consider highlighting:

  • What are 3 things other people don’t know about migraine if they don’t have it themselves?
    • How does migraine affect your relationships with friends and family, your ability to work or your career, your quality of life?
    • Has migraine led to other issues such as rebound headaches, depression, anxiety, or other challenges?
  • If you have used this new medicine, what was your experience of the beneficial effects?
  • If you have used this new medicine, did you experience any side effects or toxicities
  • How satisfied are you with your current treatment?
  • What symptoms or side effects can’t be controlled with your current treatment?
  • If you haven’t used the new medicine yet, what would you like most from it?

Note that this is not a “test” and all submissions will be reviewed by the committee and are appreciated for their personal and private nature. Be honest, direct, polite and respectful.

How did you learn about this submission process?

Headache Australia monitored the submission process and notified the community about this comment period. Headache Australia is a division of the Brain Foundation, a registered national Australian charity.


From Feb 2019

New Generation Migraine Treatment

Update: CGRP submission to the PBS

In 2018 we called on the Headache Australia community to support patient access to a new generation migraine treatment submitted to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for inclusion. See the full background details here.

The submission referred to a new treatment called Aimovig®, also known as ERENUMAB. This treatment involves a monoclonal antibody designed to specifically target molecules released during migraine to help prevent attacks. Without PBS support, the cost of this treatment is beyond the affordability of the average patient with migraine.

We had a great response with many people who generously took the time to share their personal experience about the burden of migraine and the need for more effective treatments.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their response. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) reviewed every single submission. View the feedback and comments from the PBAC on this page (same link as above).


The treatment ERENUMAB – Aimovig® has now been resubmitted to the PBAC and will be discussed at the next meeting in March 2019.

Comments are now open to the public and must be received by 13 February 2019.

Do I need to comment again?

Previous comments are still kept on file but if you have not submitted comments already or have new feedback to share, for example, if you have experience using the new treatment then we would encourage you to submit your comments to the PBAC.

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