Elizabeth Penfold Simpson Prize

The Brain Foundation administers the  Elizabeth Penfold Simpson Prize for research.  The $20,000 prize is awarded to the author of the best piece of original research in any of the neurosciences published in the last two years on the advice of three or more judges nominated by the Brain Foundation.

Conditions for Applicants

The research must have been conducted wholly or substantially in South Australia.

The research work must have been published, or accepted for publication in a reference journal or accepted as a thesis within the last two years for a higher degree in clinical neuroscience offered by the University of Adelaide, Flinders University or University of South Australia.

Where the work represents the collaborative effort of more than one person, the Prize may be awarded to more than one person and in such case the Prize will be shared equally between those persons.

The criteria are:

  • The quality of the research work;
  • The originality of the work; and
  • The importance of the work as a contribution to neurology or neurosurgery.

The successful applicant(s) will be expected to be available for media interviews in South Australia.

Successful gift applicant(s) will receive their award at the Brain Foundation’s Research Gift and Cocktail Party evening in Sydney. Recipients are expected to be present at the award evening and if unavailable to attend are asked to ensure a proxy is present in their replacement.  Successful applicants are encouraged to bring their co-investigators to share this event with family members and colleagues.

Please attach a PDF of the published work with a covering email to the following address:  grants@brainfoundation.org.au

The covering email should contain the following:

  • Chief Investigator and, if applicable Co-Investigators
  • Title, First and Last Names
  • Contacts, Telephone and Mobile
  • Specialisation
  • Main Institutional Affiliation

You will receive a return acknowledgement email within one week.  If you do not receive such an acknowledgement, please contact the Brain Foundation by phone on (02) 9437 5967 or email grants@brainfoundation.org.au to be sure that your application has been received.

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