Triptans Without a Prescription

A live webinar recording from a migraine & headache expert

Some triptans will shortly be made available over the counter. What does this mean and will it replace the need to see the doctor for scripts?

Speaker: Dr. Jacinta Johnson

Dr. Jacinta Johnson is a credentialled Advanced Practice Pharmacist and Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of South Australia. In Addition, Jacinta is a Board Director for the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and sits on the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health Chronic Pain Statewide Clinical Network Steering Committee in SA. Dr Johnson’s clinical work is centred around medicine safety, pain management and addiction medicine. She holds a PhD in Pharmacology, and her research has focused on treatments for migraine and the quality use of pain medicines. As a migraine sufferer herself, Jacinta is passionate about promoting the important role pharmacists can play in assisting patients with migraine to best manage their condition.

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