Migraine & Headache Awareness Week 2022 “Commit to Care”

Learn more about your chronic or debilitating disorder from an Australian headache specialist from Migraine & Headache Awareness Week

19-23 September 2022 | Online | Live with Audience Q&A | Recordings available!

Migraine and headache seminars will be held online for all Australians by an expert or headache specialist. Each session will include a discussion on a particular topic followed by live audience Q&A. Throughout the week several topics and articles on migraine and headache will also be released. See below for the schedule.

Commit to Care

Commit to Care is about encouraging Australians to re-establish self-care routines as a powerful tool to aid migraine and headache management by adopting a small but simple act each day, tailored to their personal triggers and condition management.

This comes in the wake of recent research two years on from the pandemic indicating disruptions to daily rituals during the onset of COVID-19 were detrimental for Australians with migraine, with many reporting an increase in frequency of severity of migraine.

Schedule & Webinar Registrations

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: You only need to register once to attend the online webinars during the week. Once you register you will receive a reminder to each event 15 mins before it begins. You are encouraged to set a reminder for yourself in your diary for the seminars you wish to attend. All times are Australian Eastern Time.


To register, click on the “Register now >>” button, then select “Register to all dates” and follow the prompts. You’ll be notified for each webinar during the event. See FAQs below for more details.

Topic: New Treatments

Speaker: Dr. Michael Eller

Date: 7:30 pm Monday 19th September

Topic: Ageing with Migraine

Host: Dr. Katherine Spira

Date: 7:30 pm Tuesday 20th September

Topic: Headache Types: including Vestibular Migraine, Hormonal Migraine, Cluster Headache & NDPH

Speaker: Dr. Jason Ray

Date: 11:00 am Wednesday 21st September

Topic: 2022 Research Findings on Headache & Migraine

Speaker: Dr. Bronwyn Jenkins

Date: 7:30 pm Wednesday 21st September

Topic: Treatment Performance,  Hospital Utilization & Weather

Host: Francois Cadiou, Founder of Migraine Buddy

Date: 7:30 pm Thursday 22nd September

Topic: Event Highlights and General Q&A

Host: Carl Cincinnato, Migraine & Headache Australia

Date: 11:00 am Friday 23rd September


Jenkins copy

Dr. Bronwyn Jenkins

Dr. Bronwyn Jenkins (BMed FRACP) is a neurologist from Sydney, Australia with a subspecialist interest in headache. She is a clinician in private practice and an Honorary Medical Officer at Royal North Shore Hospital. She has participated in the Headache Master School program and written a postgraduate course in headache for the University of Sydney. She is a member of ARCH, IHS and AHS, having been a member on the International Headache Society Board from 2018 to 2020. She is President Elect and Chair of the Education subcommittee for the Australian and New Zealand Headache Society (ANZHS) which aims to improve management of headache patients in the region.


Dr. Michael Eller

Dr. Michael Eller specialises in the management of headache disorders such as migraine and trigeminal autonomic cephalgias (TACs) such as cluster headache. This includes the administration of injections for treatment migraine and the TACs. He also manages other general neurological disorders such as vertigo, cognitive problems, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy and epilepsy. In 2012-2014, Dr. Eller was on the faculty at University of California San Francisco, attached to the UCSF Headache Centre under Professor Peter Goadsby where he conducted clinical and functional neuroimaging research and maintained a headache clinic. He has previously worked as a visiting specialist at Royal Darwin Hospital, and is currently at Monash Neurology.

jason ray

Dr. Jason Ray, MBBS, FRACP

Dr. Ray is a consultant neurologist and headache fellow at the Alfred and Austin hospitals. Dr. Ray completed his undergraduate medical training at Monash University, obtaining his MBBS in 2012. He has undertaken specialty training in Neurology at the Austin Hospital and Alfred Hospital in Melbourne before gaining his current appointment as Australia’s sole Headache Fellow with the Alfred Health Headache Service. Dr. Ray has a particular interest novel therapies for migraine, having recently completed a review of CGRP therapies published with the JNNP, and is actively involved in headache clinical trials. He is passionate about education and is involved in medical student teaching, a pharmacist education series with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and has completed several articles for GPs. He is currently undertaking a PhD in migraine at Monash University complementing his clinical fellowship at Alfred Health.

katherine spira copy

Dr. Katherine Spira

Dr Katherine Spira is a general neurologist with subspecialty interests in headache, obstetric neurology and functional neurological disorders. She is a partner in Spira Neurology, a practice shared with her father and is an Honorary Medical Officer at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, Sydney.

She collaborates as a clinical researcher at the University of New South Wales and is an associate lecturer at that university. Katherine is a passionate medical educator and has facilitated and lectured masters level courses in Neurology at the University of Sydney. She assists in the physician training program at Prince of Wales Hospital and features as an invited speaker at medical education events.

francois copy

Francois Cadiou

Francois Cadiou is the founder and CEO of Healint, a health data analytics company based in Singapore and the team behind Migraine Buddy, the most used migraine app in the world. Migraine Buddy has over two million registered users, and has collected real-world data from one hundred million tracked migraine days. Inspired by his own family experience with stroke, Francois is determined to help patients and their caregivers to provide better monitoring solutions. A tech enthusiast with significant experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, he decided to start Healint, an innovative health startup that aligns with his experiences and passions.

Carl square copy

Carl Cincinnato

Carl stopped taking his health for granted at an early age thanks to migraine. Over the last 30 years, health has become central throughout his life and work. This includes working at one of the biggest health companies in the world. Today, Carl works with charities, foundations, and organizations to help lift the global burden of migraine including Migraine & Headache Australia, the Brain Foundation, the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP), the Global Patient Advocacy Coalition (GPAC), and the World Health Education Foundation (WHEF). Carl is a member of the International Headache Society, acts on several patient committees, is the author of MigrainePal.com, and is the founder of the Migraine World Summit.

Carl is a public and passionate patient advocate for migraine. He has spoken nationally and internationally on TV, radio and in print about migraine and the need to increase research funding, reduce stigma, and increase patient support.

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MHA are excited to announce our partnership with Australia’s favourite oral rehydration solution, Hydralyte, in the lead up to this Migraine & Headache Awareness Week.

To celebrate, Hydralyte are supporting us with the launch of our Commit to Care campaign,  to encourage Australians with migraine and headache diseases to commit to one small but simple act of self-care each day throughout September.

Self-care routines are a powerful tool to support the clinical management of migraine and headache, and can be tailored to each person’s unique triggers and symptoms to help reduce the chance of an attack – from reduced screen time, exercise and diet, to staying well hydrated.

To get involved, share your #CommitToCare acts on your social channels, and follow Migraine & Headache Australia and Hydralyte on Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on any of the purple buttons with ‘Register Now >>’ and follow the prompts.

When you fill in the registration form, under the Webinar schedule, “select date” make sure you “Register to all dates below“. Registration will only be successful when this option is selected. It is not possible to register for a single webinar alone. Attendance is of course optional and you may attend each webinar as you please.  See “How can I register for just one webinar” below for more details.

Remember, you only need to register once and you’ll recieve details about each webinar during the event week.

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I missed my webinar, is there anyway I can see a recording?

Yes, if you join the email newsletter or have already registered then you will be able to access the recordings from recently held seminars. Please allow several weeks after Migraine & Headache Awareness Week for the newly recorded talks to be made available. You will be notified via email with the details. Join the email newsletter to ensure you are notified.

Are there any in-person seminars in 2022?

Unfortunately due to recurring Covid-19 outbreaks and public safety the entire event has been made virtual for Migraine & Headache Awareness Week in 2022. There are no in-person seminars this year.

How can I watch a previously recorded presentation?
Can I attend multiple events or seminars?

Yes you can! To attend, make sure you register for the event and that you are receiving our emails. Then follow the simple instructions to attend the live & online seminar.

What if I am in a remote area?

As long as you have an internet connection anyone in Australia or overseas will be able to register online and watch the seminars.

What is the relationship between Migraine & Headache Australia and the Brain Foundation?

Migraine & Headache Australia is a division of the Brain Foundation, a registered Australian charitable organisation. The Brain Foundation funds research across all neurological disorders, including headache & migraine. Any money donated directly to Migraine & Headache Australia goes to funding Headache & Migraine Research, rather than General Research initiatives. Read more about where your donation goes.

How can I register for just one webinar?

Feedback from the community last year was that participants should only need to register once to attend multiple webinars. This setting has been enabled. If you only wish to attend one webinar that is also perfectly fine however you may receive email notifications for the other webinars when they are about to begin.

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