Curelator N1-Headache App

Discover what affects the occurrence of your migraine attacks

A powerful new digital health platform for migraine and headache disorders.

FREE access to a powerful new digital health platform: Discover what affects occurrence of your migraine attacks

Curelator Inc. is seeking people with migraine, who experience two or more attacks per month, to try out a new app which may help them better self-manage their condition.

Instead of paying to access all its features, there is absolutely NO COST to interested users who enter the code HEADAU18 during registration.

Curelator N1-Headache® (previously called Curelator Headache) is a digital health platform developed in collaboration with world experts in migraine and patient organisations. Learn more at

N1-Headache makes it easy to log your headaches and other migraine symptoms, use of medication, and to track each day a (customisable) range of factors (moods, weather, diet, etc.) that may affect occurrence of headaches/migraine. The app is customisable to suit the things you’d like to track.

A powerful part of N1-Headache is your Personal Analytical Report to help you confirm and manage lifestyle factors associated with your migraine attacks, including potential triggers, protectors and warning signs, and to allow identification of factors that are not associated with attacks. You’ll also have an extensive diary of your attack symptoms, medications used and the effect of migraine on your activities, which may be useful for discussions with your doctor, employer etc.

To get FREE access to all N1-Headache features (Premium version) go to either Google Play or the iPhone section of the App Store and search for N1-Headache. When asked if you have a coupon code enter HEADAU18.

Please note:

  • This offer is only available until 31st December 2018.
  • To further improve N1-Headache, Curelator Inc. may ask for your feedback about your experience of using it, via a questionnaire sent after 3 months of use.
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