Shades for Migraine Winners 2021

Shades for Migraine wrap-up

Congratulations to our Shades for Migraine Photo Contest Winners.

The contest asked entrants to post photos of wearing sunglasses with the hashtags #ShadesForMigraine #MigraineandHeadacheAU to raise awareness for migraine.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and made it a success, raising awareness for migraine.

See below for information on the winning entries, who will each receive a Muse 2 brain sensing headband bundles valued at $454.99 each.

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Thank you Muse for providing our great prizes.

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Our Instagram winner was @KazF13 a.k.a Karen, who posted a series of whippets wearing sunglasses with witty captions (or should that be whippy captions?). In awarding “Whippet Squad” first prize, the judges noted:

Nothing catches human attention like dogs. These whippets dogify the migraine experience, from symptom-free, to the dromes (pre & post), to debilitated. Always adorable, their shades and accessories take them from glamour to chill. Congratulations Karen!

Our Facebook winner was Maria Doyle for a road trip Meme she created with the message R-ecognise A-ccept C-ontrol E-njoy life. In awarding “Triptans and Trips go hand in hand …” first prize, the judges noted:

Road trips are a great way to raise awareness! Everyone loves a road trip, and sunnies are essential for the ride. As is a medicine kit, no matter who you are. Congratulations Maria!

Our Twitter winner was Faraidoon Haghdoost for his straight up, straight talking self portrait – Let’s talk about migraine. Let’s increase awareness. In awarding “Let’s” first prize, the judges noted:

Faraidoon looks us in the eye and says how it should be. The straight-on matter-of-factness, and hair, eyebrow and moustache grooming lends this image an impressive, eye-catching symmetry evocative of Nike’s famous line, Just Do It. Congratulations Faraidoon!

Headache AustralianMigraine & Headache Australia is the only organization in Australia that aims to support the more than 5 million Australians affected by headache and migraine.